Backend developer - Amplitudo

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Backend developer

In the last 2 years of work, we have focused on the development and implementation of world best practices in our Delivery sector, the reorganization of the subsectors (Development, Maintenance, Testing and Product team) and the uniformization of the technology stack. Today, in a team of over 50 colleagues, we use all the most famous tools, for enterprise projects we work exclusively with Java Spring and React.js, and for smaller PHP Laravel and Vue.js, we are partners with Oracle and use all their infrastructure. With the help of Product owners, Scrum masters and Quality assurance engineers, we make work easier for all developers. We are looking for:

2 x Backend developers


who will join the team and work on enterprise projects and contribute to the further development of our team.


Your duties and responsibilities:

  • Implementation of enterprise projects which includes:

    • creating a project architecture

    • database design

    • development or optimization of system functionality

    • code review of “younger” team members

    • project production

  • Participating in high-level decision-making on architecture, mode of operation and technology stack;

  • Analyzing and performing complex development tasks and problem solving;

  • Leading a development team in specific projects;

  • Active attendance at all ceremonies related to agile methodology (sprint planning, retrospective, etc.)

During your work, you will be involved in the development part of the sector, while the maintenance of each project you implement is taken over by colleagues from the Maintenance Sector.


Example of a working day in Amplitudo:

  • The morning begins with a standup with Scrum Master and Product Owner;

  • Together with the project leader (PDL), they assign tasks to team members;

  • Each team member takes over their tasks in the Jira system;

  • Working on specific tasks that are planned for that day;

  • Pause if there aren't a lot of bugs :D ;

  • At the end of the day, the hours spent are logged in the Jira system;

  • At the beginning of the week there is a sprint retrospective as well as the launch of a new sprint;


Upon arrival you will work on the project:

  • Business intelligence (team: 6+)

    • Upgrading the existing CRM system with business intelligence algorithms for automatic pattern recognition in data

    • Java Spring combined with React, MySQL

    • Camunda BPM, ELF Stack, Jasper Reporting, Tassaract, etc.

    • Finished system, work is underway to develop additional functionalities

    • Weight: 8 (0-10)


  • DMS (team: 4+)

    • Document Management System with a dynamic workflow suitable for all types of organizations

    • Java Spring combined with React, MySQL

    • Camunda BPM, ELF Stack, Jasper Reporting, Tassaract, etc.

    • Finished system, we are working on the development of additional functionalities

    • Our product

    • Weight: 7 (0-10)

Upon completion, you take over another project.


It is essential that you possess:

  • Experience in PHP and / or Java programming language;

  • Experience working in Laravel and / or Spring frameworks;

  • Experience in working with relational databases;

  • Experience in working with web services (SOAP, REST), XML, JSON, preferably GraphQL;

  • Experience with GIT and daily pull requests;

  • Experience with Agile work methodology.


We offer you:

  • Fixed earnings + bonuses for achieved goals;

  • A contract for an indefinite period;

  • Advancing and taking on bigger roles (people lead and tech lead)

  • Evaluation of work results;

  • Working in a stable company with well-defined long-term goals and a modern way of doing business, a healthy and positive working environment with a young team;

  • Working with startups.

Job offer has exipred :(
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