A team that inspired me

I was able to work with a highly qualified staff, absolutely involved, fully integrated into the company context and projected towards a common success.

I got to know Amplitudo while I was their tutor and dedicated coach in an internationalization program by the European Community for SMEs.

The mission of Ready2Go program (managed by many European Chambers of Commerce and financed by the EC) was to prepare a small number of selected European SMEs for the phases of internationalization and export, offering them the appropriate tools to organize and understand the dynamics of this complicated but fascinating and indispensable processes, supported by an external consultant.

In this program, Amplitudo, the only company in Montenegro to be selected, chose Cameroon as their objective market, with extreme courage and foresight. This country is, among the African Countries, considered the most interesting and promising of the Continent.

My first day in Amplitudo, the one dedicated to the company's check-up and to the first phase of contact and mutual knowledge, was particularly "amazing"- I was welcomed from the "boss" with  complete openness and cooperation, while his enthusiasm and rampant determination strucken me unusually positive. Through Nenad, young and capable enthusiastic, Amplitudo has revealed itself to me with all its enormous potential, and with the legitimate ambitions that he and his collaborators put at the company disposition every single day.

The analysis clearly showed me an excellent company, ready to do an internationalization process, that only needed a careful planning and an internal organization able to support this new phase.

I returned to Amplitudo for my dedicated coaching, during which I provided Amplitudo staff with the tools to operate on a foreign market, particularly directed towards Africa and Cameroon.

Once again, I immersed myself in an extremely collaborative reality, extremely determined and made up of people ready to learn and understand the necessary strategies to carry out this important business activity. And once again, I was able to work with a highly qualified staff, absolutely involved, fully integrated into the company context and projected towards a common success.

Together, and I highlight together, we have identified a business model that meets both the characteristics of Amplitudo products (constantly updated, absolutely in line with the international market trends) and the African and Cameroon market demand; we have developed a strategy able to combine the very high quality of services and products offered with the market flexibility and specificity needs, a business plan able to strategically and financially plan concrete and winning dedicated actions. They were intense and fruitfully working days, where everyone's participation has created a valuable result for a great small company like Amplitudo, and prepared Amplitudo for its first mission in Cameroon.

Then I followed Amplitudo in Cameroon, where thanks to the Ready2Go program, in two intense B2B days the company was able to meet selected local counterparts. It was immediately evident that the work and the strategy planned by Amplitudo were winning; not only did it attract interest for the quality of its offer, but like only a few other companies, it was perfectly in tune with the country culture, multidimensional needs expected by counterparts.

Amplitudo has combined its expertise with the culture and the local environment, adapting themself both to the propositional and resolutive attitude, and highlighting its characteristics by putting them at the service of local needs and opportunities, and above all, gathering consensus and interest.

Amplitudo has absolutely understood the right strategies and embarked themselves on a winning path: a new market, a continent with an enormous potential challenge, a capable and serious staff and products organization.

The adventure has just begun, but I'm sure it will be full of great successes, both in Cameroon and, very soon, in the rest of Africa.


Fabio Santoni
Managing Director at Nove Consulting