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Renovation of the L1 computer room on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering is completed

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Amplitudo Hall - A Pledge for the Future

Amplitudo has renovated the L1 computer room, with a total investment of € 10,000. In this way, students of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering were given an up-to-date space for teaching and practical improvement of IT skills.


This initiative is a continuation of our company's corporate social responsibility and it is another step in the long-term mission to invest in young people that we consider to be the driving force and source of progress for society.


As a special step forward in cooperation, in February we will launch a startup academy together with partners from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, in which selected students will have the opportunity to shape their innovative ideas into startups with the help of mentors, mostly successful ETF alumni. Teams that do not apply for an innovative idea and wish to participate in the Academy, with the help of a mentor, will define the innovative idea that they will work on.


We hope that one of the ideas will lead to the ultimate digitization and automation of the mechanisms in the Amplitudo hall, which will allow students to make their mark in the space in which they are educated.


Collaboration with the Faculty of Electrical Engineering will continue through joint training, round tables, and presentations of trends in the ICT sector, which will permanently contribute to improving the conditions in which our young, talented people are educated and working.

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