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VOLI.ME - The largest, safest and fastest online store in Montenegro

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In the year that is behind us, we have faced many challenges.

2020 was marked by a global coronavirus pandemic and we will remember it for many things that we experienced for the first time as a society, but also for the speed and determination with which we responded to this new and unexpected situation.

Together with partners from the company VOLI, we started the realization of the largest eCommerce project in Montenegro and the region.


After several months of intensive cooperation between our design, marketing, delivery team and colleagues from the company VOLI,  we finally came up with the most up-to-date online store in our market.


We have decided to remember 2020 for that!




While our developers have already been working hard on creating the platform, the marketing and design team have started designing the advertising campaign, logo, and other promotional materials.

After hours and days spent in brainstorming meetings and repeating keywords for the proposed value of the platform: simple, safe, fast, and in a hurry; it suddenly hit us - a cover of the famous KIM song "Kiss me fast, I'm in a hurry" performed by SevdahBABY seemed to have the perfect wording and style to become the jingle for this campaign.


Thus, primarily thanks to Milan Stanković (SevdahBABY), we soon had a song ready and modified into "Love me fast, I'm in a hurry" (Voli me brzo, žurim), which became a trademark of the VOLI webshop platform.


VOLI.ME - One click and you are already in the supermarket


Voli's online shopping platform is a modern and contemporary solution, fully in line with customer needs. It is an online store where the users can pick over 4500 items from the VOLI’s assortment, pay online and choose between picking up the order in person (via a pick-up terminal) or delivery to the desired address. It is easily accessed via link, and the Amplitudo team has made the design as responsive and simple-to-use as possible so that customers can quickly navigate through the platform no matter which device they use, because - every detail is important.

VOLI webshop is the largest project in the eCommerce category in our country, developed in a way that is side by side with the world's largest supermarket web shops. It is not unknown that online stores are widely used in the world due to the many benefits they bring and it was about time to introduce such solutions to our market. Thanks to colleagues from the company VOLI who recognized the benefits online shopping is bringing to their consumers and who chose Amplitudo as a trusted partner, the realization of the project started.


With the dedicated work of our delivery, design, and marketing team, with the selfless support and commitment of colleagues from the company VOLI, we are proud to present the largest, safest, and fastest online store in Montenegro -


Simple, Sophisticated, Superbly designed - is our motto in the mission to create efficient and effective solutions for laying the foundations and development of the online market in Montenegro.

Need to get in touch with our team? We're all ears.


We are here for you :)