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#učidoma distance learning

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In just a few days, over 300 lectures in 14 subjects were taken: mathematics, Montenegrin, English, Italian, French, German and Russian, history, geography, sociology, chemistry, biology, physics, and informatics. Over 100 teachers are involved in the project. Volunteers, who once again showed how important their role is to any society.

Immediately after the National Coordination Body of the Government of Montenegro, on the proposal of the Institute of Public Health, introduced provisional measures to prevent the emergence and spread of the Covid-19 virus, it became clear that the school benches will be empty for a relatively long time, long enough for children to miss important lectures.
The Amplitudo team did not wait for the call, but on the same day, we made all our resources available to the Ministry of Education, as well as to all other state institutions that would help digitization overcome the new situation.
Of course, even the people in education did not cross their arms but immediately began to prepare a new concept of distance learning, and part of that plan included an online platform called #ucidoma. With intensive communication with the Minister of Education, Dr. Damir Sehovic, the people in education, professors and teachers, as well as all other partners in the project, we created an online platform in a record time that allowed all elementary and secondary school students to attend classes.
In just two days, over 300 lectures with 100 teachers involved were recorded at the premises of the Slobodan Škerović High School in Podgorica and the RTCG studio. Homeschooling means broadcasting video material from 14 subjects, in accordance with the curriculum, in mathematics, Montenegrin, English, Italian, French, German and Russian, history, geography, sociology, chemistry, biology, physics, and informatics.
In the first few days alone, www.uč had around 85,000 visits by 41,000 users, and now the number of visits is already measured in the hundreds of thousands, while the number of unique users has exceeded the figure of 60,000.
"Despite the tremendous efforts of the competent education department, it would not be possible to realize this demanding work without the support of socially responsible partners outside the education system." Minister Sehovic said.
All of us at Amplitudo are proud of the fact that we have contributed to the society and helped our youngest fellow citizens to follow their classes more easily, and together with many other socially responsible individuals and companies, we will continue to do our utmost to help Montenegro overcome the crisis period and continue the journey of development.
We wish all the students a successful school year, and for the best, we keep a place at our Academy. :)

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