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Gaming story bound to succeed

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Last year we trained the first generation of game design and game development candidates at Amplitudo Academy. We held the first Montenegrin Gaming and esports MeetUp and announced the launch of the gaming industry in Montenegro. A year later, the first Montenegrin gaming studio was formed as well as the team working hard on organizing the first tournament, and releasing our first video game.

3Hills - a brand we’ll talk about


3Hills is a new gaming factory and brand with which we want to put Montenegro on the map of the industry, create a strong gaming community, make a platform for gaming fans, educate staff and launch as many games as possible.


  • 3Hills gaming – video game development studio for national and foreign markets;
  • 3Hills esport – eSport organisation for both online and LAN tournaments.


Let's CS:GO tournament


The competition with which we will start a series of national and regional sports tournaments within the 3Hills brand is the Let's CS: GO tournament, which will be held from August 13 to 22 this year. A dozen teams with 5 players each, are fighting in the qualification phase for the placement in the finals, which will be held at the Tehnopolis Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center in Nikšić and it will be streamed on our YouTube channel in parallel. We have prepared a prize fund for the best teams. The winner of the second place will get €200, while the first place winner will win €400.


With these and all future tournaments, we want to create a platform that will encourage players in our area to test their skills and eventually serve as a springboard for them to enter more serious gaming waters.


Tournaments - the path to great success and earnings


Tournaments can launch gamers to the highest heights, as they are the most competitive environment for players. Competition, even if it is accompanied by streaming that accompanies tens and thousands of others, contributes to the excitement and performance of the players. The most persistent ones go to the top, and those are pro esports teams and leagues! One more motive is the earnings at the competitions, which are counted in millions.


How does it usually work? You have teams divided into multiple groups: Tier I, Tier II, Tier III. The better ranked the team, the better the salaries. In addition to the fixed numbers that professional players receive per month, they often reap additional benefits - from won tournaments, sponsors, streams. Due to all that, it is difficult to determine exactly how much the earnings are, but they certainly go up to several million a year. The world's largest tournaments involve millions in prize money. Such are, for example, Dota2 International, whose fund this year amounts to an incredible 40 million US dollars, the League of Legends World Championship and ESL for CS:GO with about 2 million.


All this contributes to the growing popularity of eSport, as shown by the statistics according to which the number of players worldwide reached the figure of 2.8 billion, which is why the total earnings of eSport this year are expected to reach 189.3 billion US dollars.


Montenegro in tournaments so far


Our successes in relation to the global ones are small, but in relation to the potential we have, they are still not negligible.

We single out a couple of individuals who are worth mentioning. These are: Pavle “Maden” Bošković, professional CS: GO player who currently plays for the team FunPlus Phoenix and who is also the best ambassador of Montenegrin eSport and Nikola “Lobanjica” Mijomanović, semi-professional CS: GO player and our famous streamer.

Also, the participation of our teams in the organization of local Target Gaming, in the Manic Monday - Fortnite tournament in which Montenegrin players won nine of the ten awarded positions and a prize fund was 5,500 US dollars.

Three tournaments later, their total earnings jumped to $15,000. Some other tournaments that were a turning point for our teams are: AtHome, held during the pandemic, where we won about $ 8,000.


P.S. We are preparing something different and new!


While working on eSport events and creating a gaming community, our gaming team is working full steam ahead on the first video game we plan to finish by September 20th. It is an endless runner type of game for mobile devices.


More about that in one of the following blog posts. :)

Need to get in touch with our team? We're all ears.


We are here for you :)