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Game Development training at Amplitudo Academy

// Academy

From January 2020, Amplitudo Academy will begin training in game development.

Game development training aims to develop the gaming industry in Montenegro.


In our six-month training, a limited number of candidates will have the opportunity to master the Unity programming language with a mentor who has years of gaming development experience. The focus is on: 2D, 2.5D, and 3D games, and after that, every candidate will get a job opportunity within our development team.


Neophodno je imati predznanje u C#, a kandidati će u toku decembra raditi prijemni zadatak. Nakon toga, najbolji će sa mentorom proći kroz kratke zadatke i tutorijale i tako postepeno prolaziti kroz gejming enviroment, kako bi u januaru otpočela predavanja i praktičan rad na našoj Akademiji.

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