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Consistency as the key to good branding

STEFAN ALEKSIĆ // Marketing Manager

"The success and longevity of your appearance on the market will always depend on how much you with its offer and sales failed to ,, get under the skin 'of your users and become an essential part of their everyday life.")

"The success and longevity of your appearance on the market has always been and always will depend on how much you with its offer and sales failed to ,, get under the skin 'of your users and become an essential part of their everyday life. To become someone's habits, routines or ritual you need to travel a long way to creating a set of relations and withdrawal thoughtful gesture. no matter how your offer was good quality, you have to go the way of branding. \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nSasvim is needless to explain that this process is not quick nor easy. Simply, the brand does not develop overnight. to make that happen, is required, from the start of a well-designed plan and strategy, which in the long run determines the trajectory of your market movements. the visual identity, appearance, highlighting the right segments and more seem certain brand brand. \ r \ n \ r \ nThere are celebrities, places and manner of lifestyle that have branded themselves, and it happened thanks to a successful, authentic and recognizable appears and communication with your target group. Branded product on the market sets the rules and standards of the competition. Quality and special (and somehow sincere in appearance) things will always be sorted out, but that is the case and when the marketing, especially branding is concerned. \ R \ n \ r \ nNajbolji way to bluntly and complicating understand the significance of the brand is just the example. \ R \ n \ r \ nSvima we know the famous brand Nike. Imagine if they suddenly, overnight, its logo - a recognizable rope, replacing for example the square. Imagine that the price of their products suddenly drops and change the price category. What do you think, what would happen? Desio would be the end of the Nike empire. Millions of people, who wear only Nike sneakers, which these models are synonymous with style and taste, they would be betrayed. \ R \ n \ r \ nVjerni users brand same perceived exactly the way their marketing and placement suggested. Such as Nike seen most comfortable, and most shoes such that each at some period of life to at least one possessed by Plasma connect with family and the house. Similar examples we have plenty. If any of these brands made a big deviation, would remain without their users, as is to be expected: if we are not true to ourselves, we can not expect consistency from others. \ R \ n \ r \ Ndaka, to perfection elaborately targeted market and a striking visual identity is what is necessary and that is what makes one brand. After arduous journey made by the brand, it is clear that his identity should not play. People like and trust a certain brand for certain reasons. This trust is built for years with the help of well-designed branding tactics. Why would he just lost overnight? So consistency. \ R \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ nAll changes must be extremely small, virtually undetectable presence so as not to disturb the image that was previously earned trust. Small changes are good, while changes from the roots have never been fruitless. Message that there is some innovation, the target groups must receive subconsciously: to recognize the consistency of the brand to its traditions and qualities of one and the innovation and advancement of the same on the other side. \ R \ n \ r \ n O consistency care only after an entire process that lasts and lasts. But, in the very beginning is the most important persistently force (if necessary for years) well elaborated idea - it is the only path to a successful branding, that is the only way to get any chance of one day becoming a brand. Only then, when you become a brand (in which many have failed), you can not afford that luxury and make small modifications, or very small, just enough not to become old-fashioned, but to fit in style in the upcoming trends. \ R \ n \ r \ nSkrenuli we note another thing when the branding is concerned. Many people confuse branding and marketing and it is not surprising that this is happening. Branding is the only segment of marketing, but many believe that it was creating and building the brand most important part of the marketing process. With the rapid growth of sales method (online sales, vending machines, ordering through catalogs and the like), more emphasis is not on the one who offers the product, but to the one who buys it. The consumer, who is standing in front of the window in which the who knows how ,, identical '' products, a decision on which product to go down in the cart, in most cases, will bring in a very short period of time, with very little involvement of mental and shall take product it is already known - a product that is branded. \ R \ n \ r \ nM we have a lot of experience with the process of branding and many times we are convinced of the importance and inevitability of detailed, careful and persistent strategy when the pursuit of branding is concerned. Here is an example to look good branded domestic product. PG Academy Beers is every product ,, personalize '' as part of the visual as well as an original storyline that follows its hero. Below is an example, which is only part of the series: \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n \ r \ n ,, Maturation brings experience and experience brings wisdom. In particular our hero has adopted the title of Dean, and it is so beloved that it was nicknamed Brother Dean! Defended his doctoral dissertation on the topic ,, The art of drinking '', decided to pour success ,, magic potion ''. \ R \ n \ r \ nBio is March, season of service to Marzena, the famous beer is named exactly after this month, has already been started. Sensing malt and barley to his mustache for the first gulp, Dean knew that it was a note of bitterness that he was missing. Experienced winked and drank the first cup in a series of dark lager, enjoying, as only brother Dean knows, in the March sun, sausage and spicy cheese. '' \ R \ n \ r \ nIf you are interested in continuation of the story and the way in which PG Academy beer managed to find the right branding the road, you can visit their Facebook and Instagram page. ")

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