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#Dobrojeto - Support and solidarity

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The #Dobrojeto platform has been launched to assist fellow citizens running small businesses.

"Dobrojeto" is the name of a digital platform designed to help small businesses and local artisans overcome their current work difficulties during the crisis caused by the pandemic of the COVID-19 virus.


It is a project of support and solidarity, thanks to which each individual will be able to make a concrete contribution to the recovery of the society, helping the survival of the small businesses of his fellow citizen, who in the new circumstances have difficulties or not doing business at all. The value of the project was recognized by the Ministry of Economy of Montenegro who supported its realization, as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.


The #Dobrojeto website offers a list of reported micro and small businesses classified into several categories by activity. The visitor can quickly, in a few simple steps, find a craftsman from his neighborhood: hairdresser, florist, vulcanizer, shoemaker, favorite shop, beautician... and buy a voucher for his services worth 5, 10 or 20 euros. He then receives a coupon of the same value, which he will be able to redeem as soon as the current business ban measures are lifted.


In doing so, he receives delayed service and immediate gratitude - and helps the most vulnerable part of the Montenegrin economy in the spirit of our traditional solidarity.


#Dobrojeto has emerged as a non-profit initiative to, in addition to implementing official incentive packages and assistance measures, further and more directly facilitate the business of smaller employers, who are an equally important driver of the economy, to ensure their survival and prevent job losses.


In addition to citizens who can contribute today, it is possible for all interested registered micro and small businesses to join the project for free. The application form, as well as all information for employers and citizens, can be found at


The initiative and realization of the project is the responsibility of Amplitudo.


Let's face the future together. DobroJeTo!

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