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BoostMeUp - We launch startups into business orbit

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The BoostMeUp pre-accelerator program organized by IPC Tehnopolis, Science and Technology Park of Montenegro and Amplitudo is key support for the development of startups in Montenegro.

The BoostMeUp program, created as a unique blend of networking expertise and innovative platforms, is an opportunity for local micro and small businesses as well as development teams to put their business ideas into the business ecosystem through a series of strategic activities and collaboration with regional and EU experts.
It is a national platform that aims to increase the number of innovative companies that have a tendency to grow rapidly or start-ups and thereby influence the digitization of Montenegro's economy through the development of Montenegro's innovative ecosystem and create a platform for new tools and skills to promote innovative entrepreneurial potential.
After the initial call to the teams that have an idea/concept or already formed company, and selecting the best ones, a five-month program begins, which aims to give participants, ie. provide future startups with the necessary knowledge and experience to start a business. In addition to national, regional, and experts from EU countries with years of knowledge and experience in these areas - teams were also provided with financial support to help them launch a business.
The program will, after selecting teams, carry out all the ideas and startups selected through seven pre-acceleration modules in five months - key areas for developing their idea with top experts. Finally, the Montenegro Pitching contest will be organized within the Western Balkan Startup Forum in 2020, where the winner of the Program will be selected.
Ultimately, by connecting with investors, business angels from the country and the region, we aim to encourage companies to invest in startups and create a modern domestic market for innovation.
The practice so far has shown that a great number of ideas, especially inventive ones, did not see the big business stage due to a lack of advanced thinking during development and realization. The program is therefore specifically focused on the aspect of empowerment and presentation to investors and represents a significant step in the implementation of a European Union initiative that promotes a new model of economic development at the national or regional level based on targeted support for research and innovation activities.

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