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Amplitudo Academy

// Academy

This year, the Academy is supported by the Ministry of Science, which promises us even better results.

The main task of Amplitudo Academy is the education and training of young people in the field of IT, marketing, and design so that after completing the training they will be able to perform business tasks independently.


The goal is to prevent the departure of young and ambitious people from Montenegro and to provide support for the acquisition of new knowledge and skills in the field for which they are trained.


An additional motive is a chance for employment and the fact that after the previous training cycle, 14 participants of the Academy became part of the Amplitudo team.


We can boast of the results of the first generation:

• 3 pieces of training (iOS, Android, Software development)

• 6 mentors (Senior developers)

• 70 beginner participants

• 6 months duration + 2 months internship

• 14 employees


This year, the Academy was supported by the Ministry of Science, which promises us even better results.

The entrance exam is over. According to the results, we will select groups of participants, so that everyone can follow the training with the same intensity, and we will start soon.


Results of the second generation of Amplituo Academy:

  • 4 trainings (iOS, Android, Back & Front End, and Software testing)
  • 4 mentors (Senior developers)
  • 86 beginner participants
  • 6 months duration
  • 8 employees

Need to get in touch with our team? We're all ears.


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